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Allergies are in full swing and for some it is a dreaded time of year. I can't imagine being stuck inside because allergies are too bad during the spring.

The Treasure Valley deals with an influx of allergies this time of year cause it warms up fast, and that's when everyone mows their grass. There are many conventional methods that people use to combat allergies but sometimes they don't work or people don't like using medications or going to the doctor a bunch. If that is the case t hen maybe some of these natural remedies would work better.

Natural remedies for allergies: 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Neti Pot/Cleaning Nostrils out
  3. Quercetin according to wellness is a natural bioflavonoid that helps cells limit releasing histamine.
  4. Nettle leaf, yes this nasty nettles actually can help relieve allergy symptoms.
  5. Local honey or bee pollen but needs to be local
  6. Garlic and lemons also help

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