I’m convinced. There is literally a holiday for everything these days.

When I first heard of National Something on a Stick Day, I didn’t even believe it was real.

Turns out it is real, and I think it was created simply to remind us that Summer is on the way and food on a stick is usually delicious food.

As for the origin of this holiday, National Today says it remains unclear ...

“There seems to be no specific historical event attached to the beginning of the day’s observance nationally; it is more likely a case of a fun-loving individual or group of people manipulating internet search results via the wizardry of SEO to boost the holiday’s legitimacy, and we don’t mind!”

You know what, I don’t mind either! And this fun-loving group honestly sounds to me like it could be Idahoans, as we love getting outside and cooking things over a fire or grilling up some shish kabobs etc.

And it’s the freakin’ best because you don’t even have to worry about dishes or anything, as there’s little-to-no cleanup required—just make your food, eat your food, and throw away the stick.

Here are the best ways to celebrate National Something on a Stick Day in Idaho :)

Celebrating Something on a Stick Day in Idaho :)

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