NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully landed on Mars this afternoon after making it through '7 Minutes Of Terror'.

I'm kind of a space geek, and from my house in Meridian I can't do much but look through a telescope or do research online when it comes to filling my space nerd excitement. Today, the world watched live as NASA landed the Perseverance Rover on mars after passing through Mars' chaotic atmosphere, also known as the 'Seven Minutes Of Terror'. After slowing down through Mars' atmosphere, the rover's parachute opened up to slow it down before it successfully landed on the red planet.

According to The Independent, "the rover – and a helicopter named Ingenuity that will undertake the first ever flight on another planet – will get to work exploring Mars in search of clues about its ancient past. That will include attempting to understand whether the planet was ever habitable, and scouring for clues of past life on its surface."

This is an incredible first step in what is certain to be the beginning of a flood of incredible information that was previously not known about Mars. Beyond that, it's always fun to get a little insight on the process that goes on behind the scenes as the NASA team works together to safely, remotely land a rover on another planet.

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Minutes after the landing, the team had images from Mars ready for the world to view. It truly is incredible what we (as humans) have done in terms of space explorations, and I can't wait to see what we learn in the coming days, months and year!

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