A local group raised more $13,000 for a woman named Amanda, a Nampa mom diagnosed with cancer, which is amazing in itself. But, it's not the amount of money they raised that makes this so unique, it’s how they delivered it.

PRAYnksters does flash mobs of kindness as often as they can to show support to somebody in need. Usually they hear of someone in the community is in need of help, but in this case, one of the PRAYnksters knows Amanda.

Amanda was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in October, and didn’t have insurance to cover the cost of cancer treatments. The group told Amanda and her husband they would be filming a video for their GoFundMe account.

They showed up thinking they were doing the interview portion of the video. They had no idea that there were 200 people waiting outside to make a donation. A few minutes into their “interview”, one-by-one those people, some friends and family others complete strangers, walked up to the table setting down money to help pay for medical expenses.

Amanda said the money is helpful, but it’s that support and love they saw from each of those people who walked in that means the world to them.