A pigeon's claim to fame is its ability to poop.  On everything. And Nampa is trying to figure out what to do about it.

The pigeons in downtown Nampa are doing more than making a mess.  They're creating so much waste that it's damaging roofs, and posing health risks to workers who have to perform the maintenance up there.

It's considered hazardous to breathe the bacterial fumes created by pigeon poop, and not only does it impact the workers on the roof, but people inside the library might be able to smell the fumes too, even though the air is filtered.  Gross.  I hope you're not eating while you're reading this.

The Idaho Press-Tribune says the urban renewal agency came up with a plan to allow Nampa resident, Tim Ault, to live-trap the pigeons, and he'll do it by setting traps on the library roof.  Then he'll use the pigeons for dog training, but the Tribune says he doesn't elaborate on what that means.  Ault was picked for the dirty work because he had success trapping pigeons in the 1980s.

So, Nampa, if you have fewer pigeons soon, you can thank Tim.  In the meantime, and umbrella might be a good idea.

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