We love having Corbin Maxey on The Mix Morning Show. Well...most days. On the days that he decides to bring birds, he and I stop being friends for that short hour. Then, when he takes the birds away, we are cool again. My fear of birds is clearly outrageous.

Today, he came in to talk about his next appearance on The Today Show. This will be his 25th time on their show sharing his knowledge and passion for various types of animals. You can watch him on Labor Day, this Monday, during the 9 a.m. hour of the Today Show.

Check out JD pushing through his fear of snakes!

Credit: Micah Maxey
Credit: Micah Maxey

He also brought two birds from the World Center for Birds of Prey. Even though I have a ridiculous fear of these animals, I can tell you, they are beautiful and you can't deny their insane power and intelligence.

Saturday is International Vulture Awareness Day, and to celebrate, The World Center for Birds of Prey is offering FREE admission to bald guests as part of their #BaldisBeautiful promotion. Yes, you read that right. If you're bald, you get in free! We hear that even partial balding will still get you in.

Learn about the vital role that vultures play in our environment. Meet Lucy the Turkey Vulture, talk with a condor breeding expert, take your photo with Condor Joe, and participate in a "Scavenger's Scavenger Hunt."

For more information on this exciting event at The World Center for Birds of Prey, click HERE!

Also, mark on your calendars the exciting Fall Flights event happening September 22 through November 4. Watch birds will swoop and soar over your head to show off their amazing aerial skills. You can get up-close to a hawk, falcon, vulture, or owl as they glide sometimes only inches above your head! Wowza!

Find out more about Fall Flights, HERE.


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