It had been some time since I've had a proper dine in experience at a restaurant. This pandemic life has turned things upside down in ways none of us expected. And for sake of safety, I've done my best to stay home. I've been exploring tons of restaurants, but mostly through delivery and take out.

Tonight I was craving not only Thai food, but a sense of normalcy. Already familiar with a few items on the menu, I made my way to Mai Thai Modern Asian Cuisine. I was pleased to find a sign enforcing the use of masks (which I was gladly wearing) along with a jumbo pump of sanitizer right outside the front door for use before entering.

Once inside, the ambiance was lovely. Beautiful light fixtures hang from the ceiling, including an intricate, gorgeous flower piece that draws your eye immediately. And the low lighting gives the dining area a cozy and chic vibe. Not to mention, except that I am, the seating was very well socially distanced, which gave me peace of mind.

When it came time to order I was sure I'd need to flip to the back of the menu to find my cherished vegan options. Nope! The very front page of the menu is all vegan options! 28, to be exact! I went with pot stickers, fried spring rolls, sushi, and sorbet. All absolutely bomb! The highlight; the sorbet came with the FRESHEST mint leaves I've ever tasted, I chomped them right up.

Touchless payment is offered via bar code on your receipt, making the process Covid-cautious and super quick. Before I knew it I was done and out of there with a full belly and happy heart.

I will definitely be returning to this delightful downtown establishment sooner than later. Next time I'll check out their lunch service.


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