I was going for a five mile ride (a lot for me, I'm not an athlete) down Pine, up Meridian and then back the other direction on Franklin and I broke down THREE times. Is my bike a lemon?

I'm trying to drop some weight, I was at an all-time high at the end of July. Running is a bit aggressive with the added weight so I thought getting a bike would be a good move. I'm enjoying riding but I'm beginning to think I got a lemon. Anyone know anything about the brand "Retrospec"?

I was riding down Pine and the chain popped off so I had to flip the bike over and fix it. Then I went up Meridian and back up Franklin in the other direction and I got a flat tire on the rear tire. This after having a flat tire on the front last week. Do I just have a cheap bike or is it bad luck? I had to walk the bike the last mile or so home and I was not a fan.

What's your favorite Treasure Valley Bicycle shop?

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