Adam Sandler’s next Netflix movie is a murder mystery called [checks notes] Murder MysteryIt reunites him with his Just Go With It co-star Jennifer Aniston for a [re-checks notes] murder mystery on the high seas.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis, which gives you more info on the [triple-checks notes] murder mystery:

When an NYC cop (Adam Sandler) finally takes his wife (Jennifer Aniston) on a long promised European trip, a chance meeting on the flight gets them invited to an intimate family gathering on the Super Yacht of elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince. When Quince is murdered, they become the prime suspects in a modern day whodunit. MURDER MYSTERY reunites Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston along with an ensemble cast of global talent.

So it’s sort of Die Hard starring Adam Sandler on a boat?

Murder Mystery is directed by Kyle Newacheck, one of the co-creators of the Comedy Central series Workaholic. It’s also written by James Vanderbilt, who happens to be the guy who wrote the legitimate (and truly great) mystery movie Zodiac. So I don’t know what that combination of artists will create. An Adam Sandler movie, I guess! (Also, what are the odds that the film is titled Murder Mystery because people type “murder mystery” into Netflix, and the company wants something to populate for them that is extremely a murder mystery?)

Murder Mystery will be available on Netflix on June 14.

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