The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigated reports of a couple of different bear sightings here in the Treasure Valley this week.

On Sunday, May 7, Fish and Game officers say they investigated a bear that was seen near Simco Road and Interstate 84, outside of Mountain Home. Fish and Game officers said that they couldn't find the bear but eye witnesses who saw it, thought that it appeared to be an adult male.

Then the next day, Monday May 8, Idaho Fish and Game say, that the Ada County Sheriff’s office received reports of a bear being spotting in the foothills just north of Eagle.

It's a good reminder, that even though we all live in an urban area, it does intersect with many different types of wild animals and their habitat, including some that can be dangerous, such as mountain lions, wolves and bears.

You are advised to call 911, your local law enforcement or the Idaho Fish and game if you spot a bear.

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