A California lake is ranked number one in the West, but two Idaho lakes rank high on the national list for catching fish.  One of them is just an hour's drive from Boise.

Bassmaster Magazine looked at lakes and reservoirs across the country for 2018 and decided that Lake Sam Rayburn in Texas takes the crown for being the best bass lake in the nation.  C.J. Strike Reservoir near Mountain Home also made Bassmaster's list of the Best Bass Lakes in America, and it's a whole lot closer to home.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says, most anglers at C.J. Strike Reservoir are going after panfish, bass, and trout, and there are several other species too.  In other words, it isn't all about the bass!  Maybe our little gem of a lake would rank higher if the focus were on more varieties of fish.  C.J. Strike ranks #20 among the best lakes in the West, according to the Bassmaster.   Dworshak Reservoir to our north ranked #17 for catching those basses.

To decide on the best bass lakes, Bassmaster considered the weight of the fish caught during tournaments, stats from the fishery and the size of the fish produced.  Lakes in Texas, Tennessee, California, Michigan, and Minnesota accounted for the top five spots overall.

Click HERE for more on C.J. Strike Reservoir and all of our Idaho lakes.  We've got a few months left to make the most of the good fishing weather, so we'll see you at the lakes.  And the fish fries too of course!

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