When I first arrived in Idaho, one of the first things I noticed was how active everyone is. It’s easy to see why too – we have access to mountains (my favorite), endless trails, and many other activities that allow us to be active. All of that being said, a new report just came out and revealed the “most obese” cities in every state, including Idaho.

Now, before we get that, we have to remember that Idaho in itself, isn’t necessarily an “obese” state. Let’s take a look at where Idaho and our surrounding states rank in terms of obesity.

Where Do Idaho & Surrounding States Rank in Obesity?

Here is where Idaho and surrounding states rank in obesity according to 247WallSt.com.

See? We're not so bad! Now by knowing that, this new report should be taken with a little grain of salt. According to 247Tempo.com, the most obese city in all of Idaho is Pocatello where they report that 35.6% of adults are obese while the state average is 29.5%. They go on to share that 10% of the people in Pocatello also have diabetes while 27.1% of the adults in Pocatello don't exercise.

So, while Idaho isn't necessarily the most obese state in the country, every state has to have one city that will be its most obese city. With all of that now established, hopefully, this will inspire (like it did me!) us to keep being active and to take advantage of this incredible place we call Idaho.

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