You know, sometimes I wish I could explain how my mind works but like most people, I just can’t. I often find myself wandering down the rabbit hole of Twitter among other social media platforms looking for odd perspectives on Boise or Idaho in general. This previously led me to search for what people think Boise smells like which I have to admit, delivered hilarious results.

Now, as I previously mentioned, I can’t explain how my mind works but something told me to search for what people think Boise sounds like. I didn’t quite know what I was looking for when searching that but was pleasantly surprised by what people had to say. I found several gems whether it was the actual name itself or people sharing what they actually think Boise “sounds” like. You might laugh, you might roll your eyes, but here is what I stumbled across when diving down the Twitter rabbit hole to find out what Boise sounds like.

I can't stop hearing this now...

What do you have against 80's rap groups?

Real original!

Our drivers aren't that bad... right? Okay, well maybe...

That's because it is!

I mean, this could be a plausible theory, right?

Don't tell anyone!

Yeah, so let's not move here, mkay?

I'm curious as to what you think Boise sounds like. Does it sound like a name said in a "Jersey accent" or does Boise sound like a place where drivers go to be punished? Let me know your thoughts!

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