Mix 106 continues to set you up with great seats at all the big shows.  This time, Coldplay isn't coming to the Treasure Valley, so we're sending you to see them in Seattle. 

It's their Head Full Of Dreams Tour, at Seattle's CenturyLink Field Saturday September 23, 2017.  If you want to buy your tickets, you can do that HERE, but if you want to win them free, all you have to do is start your day with The New Mix Morning Show.

Each morning this week, check in with Mike & Nicole at 6:15 and 7:15am.  They'll tell you what hour you're going to hear a Coldplay song, and when you do, be caller 25 at 376-5106.

If you are the 25th caller, you'll score a pair of tickets to see Coldplay in Seattle, and qualify for us to make your trip just a little easier, as we fly you to and from Seattle, and set you up in a great hotel downtown.

Plus, even if you don't score Coldplay tickets, we're getting ready to give you thousands dollars in $$$$ CASH!  Listen Friday for more how to score your part.

It's Coldplay & Cash, all week, on Mix 106.