Put it on your calendar....the annual Mix 106 Cares for Kids Backpack Buddy Radiothon is  Thursday August 10th.  This is our 5th year of raising money for the Backpack program and we've helped to raise over a quarter of a million dollars to fund this program, but we can't do it without your help.

Mix 106,YouTube
Mix 106,YouTube

Some of you may wonder if your donation actually makes a difference to a Treasure Valley child who needs the support of The Idaho Food Bank’s Backpack Program. Watch the video and find out for yourself, then make plans to become a Backpack Buddy...your $25 dollar a month donation will feed one child for the entire month during the school year...please make plans to join Mike and Nicole August 10th to become a Backpack buddy...and please share this among your friends and family...because you never know...you may be helping out a friend or a family member.

Quotes from Parents involved in the Backpack Program

“It really helps me in difficult times and my kids really enjoy getting them. They get so excited.”

“We do not get food stamps and typically only have $50 a week to spend on groceries. It helps more than I can explain.”

“My children feel a little independent as well as relieves some financial stress from me.”

“It helps so much with food especially when we don’t have any. Thank you.”

Quotes from teachers and counselors involved with the Backpack program.

“There is a young man and his sister whom the teacher has said they have really improved with participation in the classroom.  Also the young man has commented on how nice it is to finally have food in the house.”

“We have one student that getting a backpack every week is a confidence builder for him. He is a student who has been targeted for bullying in the past.  It is his personal way of being empowered because he knows others want the food and he gets it.   Mostly this program lets the children know that someone cares.”

You’ve heard us say it over and over.  “But there for the grace of God go any one of us”.  Most of us are all one medical emergency, job loss or family death away from being hungry or needing assistance.  Truly every dollar does count.

Quotes from kids who participate in the Backpack program:  

“Sometimes my mom can’t go to the store because she doesn’t have that much money.”

“I live in a trailer in my friend’s back yard so I have very little snacks.”

“When we stay alone at the house we have something to cook.”

“Now I have food on the weekend at my house.’


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