An 88-year-old man from Caldwell met a tragic ending and he will now be laid to rest after he went missing weeks ago.

Richard VonDach was last seen leaving his accountant's office on March 5th around noon. His body was found 74 feet away from a burned out car that was stuck in the mud. The mystery continues because police are not releasing who the car belongs to if they even know.

They say there is a partially burned license plate on the car that has been associated with an "attempt to locate" and that someone apparently spent a lot of time trying to get it unstuck from the mud.

Oregon State Police say it doesn't appear that accelerants were used to light the car on fire and there is no evidence of foul play. There were no other tracks in the area and investigators say the car had been at the site for at least three weeks.

According to an article on KTVB, Richard's family says he had symptoms of dementia. They say he liked to go to scenic views and the area overlooking Ontario and the valley was very scenic which may provide answers as to why he was there.

Please keep Richard's family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come. We are so grateful that at least now they finally have some closure.

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