I love Christmas lights on my house, but I hate the hassle of doing it myself. This year I didn't do it myself and they are already up and ready to light up the neighborhood!

Over the past few years you might remember that I had discovered the new Christmas light fad of Starlight Christmas lights. It allowed me to be lazy and cheap while helping me look like I was in the Christmas Spirit.

This year is different. No longer wanting the cheap looking house, I hired a company to come and decorate my home. Now it looks like Christmas threw up on my property and I get to kill two birds with one stone! I get to show my Christmas spirit while showing off my ultimate Seahawks fandom. I have Seattle Seahawks Theme Christmas lights this year.

I thought I was actually being sneaky, because I knew my wife would never go for having sports themed Christmas lights on our house. I really wanted BSU colors but I knew that would be too obvious, so I thought the Seahawks colors would be perfect! Their green, blue and white are all traditional Christmas colors, so she'd never know! Right?

Wow was I wrong. My wife figured it out in the first 5 seconds. If anything, this just proves it's better to ask for forgiveness rather than get permission. Right, guys?

The company I used can do any colors you want - whether it's traditional or fun. They help design the lights and concepts to make your house look as awesome as mine...that is, if you're a Seahawks fan.

I also don't have to worry about taking them down or storing them after, it's all done for me.

If you like the lights and want to get your lights done drop me an email and I'll give you the info! Remember, GOOOO Hawks!!!!!!

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