Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have a problem that my wife and I are going through right now and I don’t know if our marriage will withstand it. Although, I love my wife and want to stay married.

I recently found out my wife was sleeping with her boss who also happens to be married.

I would have never thought in a million years that my wife would cheat on me. I’m devastated and she says it is completely over.  She was good at covering it up until I found some e-mails and confronted her.

She says she still loves me, but she has no plans to quit her job. She does have an amazing job and makes good money, but I think she should quit and find a new job. I don’t think I could ever trust her at this job with the a-hole of a boss.

She wants to stay together also, and thinks we should have a baby because it will bring us closer together. My family says I should divorce her and move on.

Here’s my question. I hear Mike make fun of people all the time because they think having a baby will make things better. Can a baby actually save a marriage? Has it helped any of your listeners?

How should I move forward?


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