Dear Mike and Nicole,

Some of my family and friends are upset with me because of the amount of auditions and modeling jobs my 4 year-old son is going to. He makes really good money and is the most sought after in his age group. He can sing, dance and act. He is a triple threat like Justin Timberlake. As a single mother, the boost of income is great. I can only work part-time because he has so many calls that are either scheduled with short notice or that we have to travel some distance for.

My friends and family think I am taking advantage of my son. Yes, I do buy myself nice things and live a certain way, but I'm the one driving him around and basically his assistant, so I feel like it's my payment and definitely not inappropriate. They think I need to let him be a kid and that this is only going to set him up for issues later on in life. I disagree. What do you think? Is what I am doing wrong?

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