Most people understand that it is never a good idea to fight with police officers, a 46-year old man just learned that lesson the hard way. All of this happening after he was placed under arrest for driving under the influence in Boise.

KBOI first reported that Boise Police were called to a hit and run near 13th Street and Myrtle, the driver of a truck had struck an SUV and failed to stop after the accident.

It didn't take long for officers to catch up with Bret Dunn near Federal Way and Kootenai Street. Officers said they could immediately smell alcohol coming from Bret, he was also showing other signs of intoxication.

It was when Bret arrived at the Ada County Jail he decided it would be a good idea to kick an officer in the leg. Which automatically got him a felony charge on law enforcement on top of his other two misdemeanor charges. The officer did return to duty.

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