The state of professional basketball is all out of whack right now. We've got players complaining about "load management" resulting in missing games because they're not used to the grind of the pros. Then you've got players who are solely focused on chunking up wild shots from random spots on the court. The guy that could be partially held responsible for that style of shooting is Golden State Warriors star and 4x NBA champion, Steph Curry.

The Problem

If you're familiar with Curry, you know this guy likes to chunk up three-pointers from anywhere on the court... and he usually makes them. He can make the most difficult shots and he does so with a flare that has captivated the next generation of professional hoopers.

Now, due in large part to Curry, many players today focus on the three-point game with dreams of being the next Steph Curry. Many of these hopefuls don't realize they're hindering other parts of their game by making the three-point shot the focal of their game.

The Solution

According to KTVB, Homedale High School in Homedale, Idaho just held a charity event for the FFA program that could potentially fix all of the aforementioned issues with the state of today's NBA. Would it ever happen? Probably not. But hear us out here:


That's right - donkeys. Homedale High School held a donkey basketball game to raise money and let me tell you something, we're all in on this. This would be great for the game of basketball and just imagine LeBron James leaping off of his donkey he aptly named "El Rey Burro" to slam it home on some unsuspecting fool.

It's prime-time TV, baby and we're sold. Let's take a look at how Homedale High School executed this revolutionary way to play the game.

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