A few months ago we told you about a worldwide contest, that was searching for someone to get paid $10,000 dollars a month to live, party and work in Cancun Mexico. Well guess what? Not only did our Boise listeners enter, but one won!

Beginning in March, Ivan Nanney of Boise, Idaho will head to Cancun, Mexico to live and party for the next six months. When he's not partying, he'll be writing blogs and filming videos of his visit. Tough work, right?

Nanney beat out over 8,000 other people for the job. The most surprising thing to me isn't that he beat out 8,000 people, I'm shocked that only 8000 people applied.

In case you missed Ivan's visit with Mike and Nicole, you can check it out on the video above.

Keep listening to Mix 106, as Ivan has agreed to check in with us from time to time to see how he's doing and to make sure he's earning his $10,000 a month salary.

Congratulations Ivan and good luck on your very difficult and exhausting new job. P.S. drink some tequila for us.



Credit, Ivan Nanney
Credit, Ivan Nanney

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