We told you on the show this morning that Jennifer Lawrence has a problem that a lot of famous attractive looking women have. Millions of guys want her, but no guy has the stones to approach her and ask her and actually out...that is till now.  A listener has stepped forward to sacrifice himself.



Jason Merritt,Getty Images
Jason Merritt,Getty Images

If you missed the show this morning, a listener by the name of Travis Fishburn saw the Vogue article that came out last week, where  Jennifer claims she's very lonely every Saturday night because she sits all alone in her house, because men are afraid to ask her out.

Travis Fishburn decided he needed to be the guy with the stones to ask her out.

We had the chance to get to know a little about Travis and that is the interview you hear here.

We aren't done, Jennifer is on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night (11/18) and you can help us out by by helping to maybe get Jimmy to help Travis by bringing it up to Jennifer while she's on the show.




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