McDonald’s knows how to tease us with their limited-time only offers. The McRib, the additional sizes of the Big Mac, and now MY personal favorite, the Shamrock Shake gets a whole lot better!

For a limited time only, McDonald’s will have four new options of the popular, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake! The traditional drink mixes vanilla custard with green mint-flavored syrup.

Here are the five (limited time only) versions of the Shamrock Shake:

  • The Original Shamrock Shake
  • Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe
  • Chocolate Shamrock Shake
  • Shamrock Hot Chocolate
  • Shamrock Mocha

Get yours while they're available at participating locations in the Treasure Valley! Find the closest location to you HERE.

Are you a fan of the Shamrock Shake?!

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