Breakfast is on the house at McDonald's tomorrow as they rival against Wendy's new breakfast options. Here's how to score your FREE Egg McMuffin tomorrow. 

Wendy's will debut their breakfast menu nationwide tomorrow, and it's no coincidence that  McDonald's has deemed tomorrow "Egg McMuffin Day."  The Egg McMuffin also turns 50 this year, so that's McDonald's excuse for celebrating, but sounds like a carefully thought out marketing plan to me!

The FREE Egg McMuffin's can be scored through McDonald's free app and is valid only tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m according to an article on Just order your Egg McMuffin through the app and you don't have to pay a dime!

McDonald's knows what they are doing when it comes to breakfast. They started offering all-day breakfast in 2015, which I often take advantage of. (I'm a big fan of their breakfast burritos, Egg McMuffin's, and McGriddles!) They also just released two chicken breakfast sandwiches to compete with Popeyes and Chik-fil-A. Wendy's new breakfast menu also features a chicken sandwich option.

So where will you be dining tomorrow morning? Free Egg McMuffin at McDonald's or can you not wait to try Wendy's new breakfast?

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