Add Maroon 5 and special guests Tove-Lo to the list of the biggest concerts IX 106 brings to Boise! They're coming next year and we have your first chance to win tickets this morning!

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IX 106 is proud to bring MAROON 5 and TOVE LO to Taco Bell Arena in 2016! The concert is October 9th 2016, yes nearly a year away, and TICKETS GO ON SALE NEXT Saturday at 10am.

This morning, we will give away our first pair of free tickets when you hear us play a MAROON 5 SONG AND TOVE LO SONG BACK TO BACK.  

STARTING Monday, you’ll have a chance to choose…CLUE OR CONCERT.  When you hear the CUE TO CALL, we’ll give you a chance to grab tickets to see MAROON 5 and TOVE LO or a CLUE JUST FOR YOU (that only you hear) from the Bandit.
You can head to a great show or narrow down your search for the $5000! Ike & Kate will tell you when to listen at 6:20, 7:20, and 8:20…and the BANDIT WILL STILL GIVE HIS REGULAR CLUES at 7:20 and 4:20 daily.  The choice will be yours…a private clue or a pair of tickets.  CLUE OR CONCERT…STARTING Monday ON IX 106.