Not typical for Idaho to be associated with Idaho, but anyone who's lived here long enough knows there are several ties between Idaho and famous folk. Tons of celebrities have or had homes in the very popular Sun Valley area, including Bruce Willis, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Justin Timberlake. Tom Hanks and wife Rita have a home in Ketchum. I like to think there are also a lot of Pokemon in Ketchum, and if you understand that reference you're equal parts nerd and awesome.

And then there are celebrities who are actually from Idaho. Probably most famous and relevant today is Aaron Paul, whose mother I have the pleasure of knowing and if he's as sweet as she is, he deserves all his success. Reaching further back in time, famous American poet Ezra Pound also hailed from Idaho. And somewhere in between, Olive May Davis Osmond, the matriarch of The Osmonds, was born in Samaria, Oneida, Idaho.

Over the weekend her daughter, Marie Osmond, stopped by the very cabin where her mother was born during a road trip. Originally the cabin was built some time in the 1870's but was rebuilt by the Samaria community in 2008. I know this because of the plaque on a boulder next to the home which is also dedicated as a museum. You can find directions to the cabin here.

I think it's super sweet that Marie would take the time to stop by during a road trip, but if she were a regular non-famous person I wouldn't even think about it. Like, duh you're gonna stop by your mom's childhood home. Anyone would. But I guess when people are celebrities I think they can become heartless robots...but would anyone really believe that of an Osmond?

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