This story is one of the craziest tales I've heard in a long time. A man in his 30's fell into the ParkCenter Pond last night. 28 minutes later he was pulled out of the water and at least initially he survived. 

Onlookers say the man was fishing at the pond before he fell into the water at about 8:55 p.m. Reports on KTVB say it's unclear if the man suffered a medical emergency or what caused him to fall.

The Boise Dive Team recovered the man nearly half an hour later and although we don't have specifics on his condition, he was at least alive enough for emergency responders to administer CPR and he was transported to St. Luke's in downtown Boise.

No word yet on if this man has somehow miraculously survived. The only way I can make sense of his initial survival is that perhaps there were pockets of air where he was in the pond.

Please keep this young man and all who love him in your thoughts and prayers this morning. We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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