This is real-life scary stuff! Unfortunately, mass shootings have become almost the norm in our society today. As disturbing as it is, we tend to think it will never happen in our quiet community, but it looks like it almost did!

Huge nod to law enforcement for getting this guy off the street. 44-year-old Joshua James Mjoness of North Dakota suspected his wife was having an emotional affair with a co-worker in a Boise office.

Evidence shows he texted and called his wife and her brother saying if they sent a photo of the man he suspected of the "affair" that "only two people would die rather than 20."

According to an article on KTVB that details the crime, Mjoness also sent a photo of a pistol to his wife saying "it's up to you."

Cellphone records tracked Joshua to the Yellowstone Park area where he was arrested at a picnic area on September 18th. He had a 9mm handgun on him and 50 rounds of ammunition.

The Boise office and the identity of the man he was targeting have not been released.

Mjoness is facing federal charges of illegal gun possession and making threats. His bond will be set at a hearing scheduled for today.

Super close call and we are so grateful that no one was injured or killed in this potential incident.

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