I lived in my hometown for 33 years and 2 days. That's my entire life sans 12 days. Every last friendship I cultivated happened in Las Vegas, NV. I either started those relationships in my teens, or as an adult via the friend of a friend route. It is brand new to me having to make friends as an adult from scratch, but I'm a lonely broad and I want to start sooner than later.

During this pandemic life I don't feel comfortable, nor is it recommended, to go out and about to crowded places in the search of friends. But I do work in a building that is well socially distanced and am employed along some really cool, talented women. I want to be their friend.

My approach? Find true things to compliment them on so they know I am an observant and interested hype queen. A hype queen is someone who calls out your best features, physical and otherwise, to uplift and encourage you to keep being you. Not wanting to get too personal at first, I stuck with praising fashion and hair. I know I love being complimented on my appearance, and they seriously do have it going on.

Then yesterday I was invited for a girls night by BOTH of these incredible women! I'm looking forward to getting to know them outside of their on-air careers and hopefully they think I'm cool too!


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