Wedding season is in overdrive this summer because so many 2020 weddings had to be pushed back. Can't quite recall what happened, but it was pretty global and shut down life for a while. So nice to be transitioning out of that nightmare. But couples who who planned to tie the knot in 2020 are looking to finally exchange vows. So where's the best place to get that done in the Treasure Valley?

Moug and Angie Mornings' John Moug opted for an elopement in January with his beautiful bride at the Idaho State Capitol Building. A gorgeous venue that won't cost you a dime. You just need to book the space. However you must risk protestors from time to time. Or maybe that was just in January? In any case, his enchanting fiance' descending a pristine staircase to arrive at his side was a priceless moment well worth all the pennies but they didn't have to spend them.

After an incredible afternoon tea at Chateau des Fleurs I realized I want it to be the venue for my 10 year wedding anniversary. They host weddings and other events in an indoor or outdoor space depending on your preference. A 100 guest wedding starts at about $16K though, so not sure if it's a viable option for a 2021 wedding for a lot of people who already lost money cancelling their original weddings. But if you've got the means, I think it's stunning and I've already put a request in for spring 2022.

If you already had your make up wedding, where did you do it? Did your original venue cooperate with Covid-19 ruining things or did you have to find a completely different venue? Boise Rose Garden is popular because gorgeous outside setting and the cost doesn't even hit $200 for the space. That seems like the best option to me if you're antsy to get it done this summer and you're not ballin' out. What do you think?

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