There's plenty of it this winter, so why not scoop up some snow and make ice cream out of it.  As long as it's white and clean, that is.

Here's an easy recipe.

You can cut the very top off of a gallon jug and use that as the snow scoop.  Skim some fluffy white snow off of a fairly fresh pile - enough to fill up that gallon jug - and then add a cup of white sugar, two cups of milk, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and stir it all together.  Eat it up right away before it melts!

How cool is that.  You don't even have to freeze it before you eat it.  You can also set a big bowl outside to catch the flakes as they fall, and then you'll actually be cheering for the snow to keep coming, to help with your ice cream production.

If you want to make it even gooier, the Paula Deen version of snow ice cream goes like this:

8 cups of snow

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix it all up and eat it right away.

We've gotten pummeled this year with the white stuff, so we might as well show it who's boss.  This ice cream is tasty and fast, and it gives the kids something to do besides play video games and complain of boredom while they ask Mama for the ninth time where the snow boots are.  Right where you left 'em!  Now put 'em on and go get Mama some snow, and we'll all make the most of this mess together.

Chocolate syrup and malted milk powder might make this bonding experience even better.

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