I hit up the grocery store yesterday and it was shocking. The freezer aisle was pretty bare. I couldn't find cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towel, hamburger, or eggs. If you are questioning what you should have in your freezer, here's a good check list for you. Good luck finding these supplies, and if you know what stores still have them, comment below. 

1. Butter ( I found mine at Costco.)

2. Bread (I saw bread still on the shelves at Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Costco, and Winco.)

3. Cooked beans (Never thought of this before, I just buy the cans.)

4. Shredded meat

5. Fruit

6. Shrimp

7. Nuts (This will keep them from spoiling.)

8. Vegetables

9. Frozen cooked rice ( I guess this would be quicker or good if you couldn't boil water, but otherwise, just make sure you have rice in your pantry.)

10. Ground hamburger (Definitely a necessity.)

11. Chicken stock (This isn't a freezer thing for me. I buy chicken bullion.)

12. Tomato sauce (I don't keep this in the freezer, but I keep it in my pantry and I love making homemade marinara and keeping it in the freezer.)

13. Pizza dough (brilliant.)

14. Fruit pie filling (I never thought about freeing this. I just buy the cans.)

15. Herbs in oil (such a brilliant idea that I never thought of before.)

Big thanks to msn.com for these great ideas.

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