There is plenty of things to do this weekend from Boise Hawk Baseball games with fireworks, floating along the Boise River, or cooling down under the shade at Roaring Springs. There is no limit to fun in Idaho.

That also brings us to the things that really keep people here. All that stuff is cool, but the core of the state is what we fall in love with. It's the Pumpkin Patches, Saturday markets, and cool things like the Red Chair Lavender annual Harvest Festival.

What is Red Chair Lavender?

It's a beautiful place where over thirty different varieties of Lavender are grown. My wife grew up on lavender in the front and that smell is awesome. Red Chair Lavender is located in Eagle, Idaho, and is more than just purple-looking flowers.

This is a family business 20 years in the making:

  • Lavender lotions
  • Hand Creams
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Bath salts
  • Fresh Lavender in season
  • Dried Lavender bunches offseason

This is just one of those holiday events to enjoy Idaho outdoors, listen to some great live music, have a glass of wine, and taste some amazing food. There will be classes on Lavender wreath and crown-making happening during the day. This is a cute little bar that will be open for the event. Lavender cocktails coming right up.

I couldn't grow Lavender if I tried, but I'll go pick some! It's going to be extremely hot this weekend and this might be a great mid-morning family thing. Tickets run for $8 and kids 12 under are free. This is a sweet local event and maybe something for mom before fireworks take over your life. I'll post details with links below.

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