I've heard a few friends say they were hacked off by Facebook manipulating feeds to test our emotional reaction to the news in our feed.  Essentially, Facebook decided they would give some of "good news" and uplifting stuff, some would see more "bad news" and negative stuff.

They haven't shared how far reaching or how conclusive their "research" was, but it's created a push back movement called 99 Days of Freedom.  You are being encouraged to experience life without Facebook for 99 days - to show Facebook that they don't completely own us.

Are you irritated that Facebook manipulated our feeds?  Enough to walk away from it?  I'm not...I like staying connected and wont be doing the 99 Days, but I respect it if you will be.  I do think we could all benefit from being a little less plugged in.

Click the link HERE if you want to learn more.


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