We just saw Amazon announce their Career Day do hire 33,000 new employees. The minimum wage is $15 and the average salary at a whopping $150,000. I see those Amazon trucks everywhere now.

Hobby Lobby is also jumping in the game during a desperate pandemic where so many employees are losing jobs. Hobby Lobby is raising its hourly full-time minimum wage to $17 per hour beginning October 1, 2020.

CEO David Green said this earlier,

Because this year has presented so many challenges to our employees, we are very happy that we are able to provide pay increases to thousands of our associates before the Christmas season.

The popular arts and crafts store isn't new to raising the bar for their employees. Hobby Lobby raised their minimum wage to $15 and that's when it was only being discussed with politicians. Reading this news made me inquire about what the national average is for minimum wage. Townsquare Media which owns Mix 106 pays part-time employees $10 starting out. I checked what the Federal number is for Idaho and that pays you $7.25. I'm not sure how you're living on barely above $7. I don't a tone of people that are paying about that rate because they don't have to.

Hobby Lobby is more than doubling Idaho's rate by $9.75. That's a pretty good deal If you can find an opportunity there. I wonder if you get discounts for working there? I did see something about a minimum wage intuitive that could raise to $12 by 2024. See ya in 14 years!

If you want more information you can visit one of the three locations in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. I'll post up more details below.


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