The historic Dumas Brothel, the longest operating brothel in the United States is once again up for sale. The brothel was finally shut down in 1982, but still opens it's doors for tours and tourists making their way through Butte, Montana.

According to NBC Montana, the Butte-Silver Bow County has scheduked a tax deed sale for the brothel on Wednesday, October 3rd with the opening bid at just $10,100. The brothel is on the National Register of Historic Places with it opening its doors in 1890.

Two men bought the brothel in 2012 when former owner Rudy Giecek was behind on taxes on the building. One of those men passed away in January and again the taxes are delinquent which has started the process of selling the property. If the $5,800 in current back taxes are paid before Tuesday, October 2nd the building could be reclaimed by its current owner.

My wife and I actually stopped to tour the Dumas Brothel a few years ago and found the stories of the building just as exciting as the actual tour. Butte, MT actually had many underground tunnels for politicians, law enforcement, and government officials so important people could visit the brothel without being noticed. It will be interesting to see what happens to such an interesting piece of history.

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