This little blue pill is being described as a "dangerous drug" that has resulted in three overdoses in the last two days in Nampa. Here's what you need to know. 

Of course the first dug that comes to most of our minds when we hear "little blue pill" is the erectile disfunction drug, Viagra. However, Nampa Police are not releasing exactly what this "little blue pill" is that is causing all these sudden overdoses. They say more investigating is needed before they will release that information.

According to an article on, the "little blue pill" is possibly being distributed as Oxycontin.

Although the three overdoses have not resulted in death, the Nampa Police say these "little blue pills" are very potent and could kill someone.

Please talk to your kids about this danger and be aware yourself. If you suspect you see this drug or you have any information on these dangerous "little blue pills" circulating in the Treasure Valley please contact Sgt. Rodgers at 208-475-5617.

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