Do you ever get curious about the people you don't know, who are liking your photos online?

Do you ever click over and see who in the heck they are, and try to learn about them?  It might be worth the time.  I just read about one girl who met her husband that way.

People Magazine has the story about a guy from London who kept liking Instagram pictures posted by a girl from Nashville, and one day she clicked on him to see what he was all about.  They struck up a conversation and decided they liked each other, and yada, yada, yada, a few relationships progressions later, they decided to get married!

All this time swiping right on Tinder...maybe we should be hanging out on Instagram instead.

People Magazine didn't say what the initial picture was, that connected the two.  What do you think, a cute cat pic?   A margarita and a plate of tacos?  Suddenly it's worth liking everything we see.

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