We’ve always shown major support for our firefighters throughout the year but this month marks a time when we remember our fallen heroes. The second of this month marked the beginning of Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters, which will go until Sunday, October 9th. Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters pays tribute to those who died while serving in the line of duty. To show support for Light the Night for Fallen Firefighters, families, businesses, and other local entities use red lights to light their buildings for the evening.

While anyone can freely participate, you can also sign up to participate at FireHero.org. By doing so, wherever you are supporting from will be shown on an interactive map that can be viewed on their site.

It’s an easy way to show support for those serving in a field of imminent danger. Anyone can take one look at this fire map from Idaho Fish and Game and see that fires are no joke in Idaho. Just this year, Idaho has experienced some serious destruction from multiple fires including the Moose fire and the Ross Fork fire. Every day, our firefighters wake up never knowing what challenges await them but no matter what, they stand ready as do their families who pray and hope they make it home after work.

So, if you see a building in the Treasure Valley lit by red lights through this Sunday (10/9), remember that it’s to remember our fallen heroes and the sacrifices they made to keep us safe.

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