People tend to be surprised when they learn I can't swim. At 33 years old, I understand the reaction. Most people acquired that skill in elementary school. The best I can do is doggy paddle. Even then, I'm pretty slow and I can't tread water to stay afloat in one spot.

It can be inconvenient, but for the most part it's had no effect on me participating in water related activities. I stay in the shallow end of pools and life jackets are required with jet ski rentals. But I've been wanting to float the river and I don't feel comfortable doing so without being able to swim. I would be the only one in my party wearing a life jacket if I went that route, and it's just time I learn.

Moug's fiance', Stacy, is an excellent swimmer and has offered to teach me as best she can. I'm definitely taking her up on that offer, but I'm a slow learner in this regard (I've tried learning multiple times.) What swim school or programs should I be looking into if I have to turn to professional help? I'll join the kids class if I have to. I'm not too proud.


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