It's Friday and it's been a long, crazy week.  If you're ready for a road trip like we are, one of the best artists to crank up is Lady Gaga, according to a new survey.  Who would you add to the list?

Idaho is a great state for road trips, especially once we get beyond the brake lights and stoplights and hit the wide open road and crank up the radio.  According to a new survey, we get really excited when a Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga song comes on.

Bruce Springsteen has been voted the most popular singer to listen to while getting ready for a drive, and Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce weren't far behind.  The survey asked more than 25,000 people for their thoughts, and the results include a lot of guitars.

April is National Car Care Month, and the Car Care Council posted the results.

Top Vocalist for Road Trip Prep Listening

Bruce Springsteen -- 24.0 percent
Keith Urban -- 16.4 percent
Bruno Mars -- 16.1 percent
Jimmy Buffett -- 15.7 percent
Lady Gaga -- 11.5 percent
Taylor Swift -- 8.6 percent
Beyonce -- 7.7 percent

A Jimmy Buffett playlist might make us pack some flowery shirts and Bermuda shorts and drive toward the beach.  In a camper.

There's something about hitting the road that makes me want to crank up Lucinda Williams, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road," or The Proclaimers, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)."  Or any Imagine Dragons album, or Kesha or Pitbull.  Just fill up the SUV with fun songs that chase out clutter and stress and help us feel free and easy and like we don't have a care in the world.  Road trips are therapeutic and Pitbull is our therapist.  No pressure Pitbull, no pressure.

Music is such an integral part of a road trip, it's hard to imagine taking off on a journey without it.  And if the kids are fighting you on the music selection, you can always download our free app and your Lady Gaga will come right to your earbuds.  (When you're not driving of course.)  And don't miss Pitbull at the Boise Music Festival June 22!  He's great for road trips, but we won't have to drive far to see him that day.

Spring is a great time for road trips, and as long as we've got some good trail mix and some jerky to go with good music, it's smooth sailing.  Have a great weekend.

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