Anyone who has bought a lottery ticket has thought... what if I do win? Well earlier this week that became a reality for Kuna resident Katie McAuley who grabbed the top prize in the Idaho Lottery's Hot Ticket Sweepstakes. The top pay out came out to be a nice round number of $100,000.

The ticket was purchased at the Liquor Store on Meridian Road just south of Overland Road as first reported by KTVB. Katie admitted that the $5 ticket was just a spur of the moment decision, but one that she is very happy she made.

Katie was checking her ticket through the Idaho Lottery app and got the notification that she needed to contact the lottery. Although she had played a few times in the past Katie wasn't a regular player and hadn't won any other big prizes before now.

With the winnings Katie plans to pay off some bills and support her family. Hopefully she will have some cash left over to take a nice vacation and splurge a little with her winnings.

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