If you were watching KTVB's six o'clock newscast, we sincerely hope that you didn't have anything to drink in your mouth...

...because chances are you probably spit it out on the person sitting across the dinner table from you when Mark Johnson did this during a report on the U.S. Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships happening in the Treasure Valley this weekend.

The video clip posted by Facebook user Cristi Dean has been shared more than 825 times with most people posting comments like "so true" and "thank you for saying what we're all thinking Mark!"

According to KTVB, the tournament attracts 240 youth soccer teams to the Treasure Valley and is going on through Sunday at the Simplot Sports Complex near Columbia Village. On top of people visiting Boise for Saturday's Boise Music Festival, the tournament is filling up hotel rooms from Boise to Nampa with more than 12,000 visitors from all over the west. It's expected to pour at least $10 million into our economy.

The community as a whole loves seeing that, but what they don't love is the idea of even MORE people thinking about moving to the Treasure Valley. (Don't pretend like that's not true, we see you grumble about growth every time we post that Boise's landed on another Top 10 list. Heck, at times you blame us for it by sharing those lists!)

That's why we think it's so funny that Mark threw a wink and a nod to those of you who aren't happy about Boise's growth. We know he's just kidding about not welcoming newbies to the Treasure Valley, but this was hilarious!

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