Well, I'm all about the deal and why not share it with my friends across the Treasure Valley. Don't they say if it's free it's for me?

The "Day of the Dozens" is back at Krispy Kreme on Saturday which is something they do every year. I'd love to get my kids out for a few minutes for doughnuts especially when you can bring more home.

Just head to Krispy Kreme in Meridian on Saturday, December 12 at any time. Purchase one dozen and receive the next dozen for $1. USA Today reports this includes the limited-time Holiday Collection,

  • Holiday Inspired Festive Tree
  • Present Doughnuts
  • Santa Belly Doughnut

I recognize it's just doughnuts but I feel like it's more with what's happening. I think our kids would love to take a drive, look at some Christmas lights, and gets some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Saturday. It's cool to see their faces and there is no doubt they're missing things to do during a hectic pandemic.

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There is a limit to just two specials per customer. Don't be that person trying to take home like 18 dozen doughnuts unless you plan on dropping some for Moug at the 112 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive. We can always make accommodations for the listeners on that account.

I remember when that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened up and it was one of the craziest openings I've ever been a part of. Don't try to use this deal on locations you might see inside a gas station. You must show up to receive this deal.



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