It's a question we've received a lot since a two-alarm fire broke out in the HVAC system at the Downtown Boise Concert Venue: " you know when it's going to re-open?"

As you can imagine, that's a pretty loaded question.  Following a fire there's all kinds of things you have to deal with: insurance companies, taking an inventory of what's been damaged with the ducting, plumbing and actual structure of the concert hall, etc.  The president of Knitting Factory Presents tells the Idaho Statesman that the process could take several months, but if everything goes smoothly they could be open by late fall/in time for the holidays. When the rehab efforts are complete, they have to help have room for more concert goers (which was a plan already in the work) and an improved cosmetic presentation.

Until them, other venues have pitched in to help relocate Knitting Factory shows rather than cancel them.  Those venues include the Revolution Concert House (who welcomed a Knit show two days after the fire,) Fatty's Bar, the Egyptian Theatre and Neurolux. Tickets for the original shows will be honored at the new venues.

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