It's an important part of being outside during the summer in this area, being aware and keeping mosquitoes from biting you. Here are some tricks and tips.

We all have most likely had to deal with these blood suckers in the summer, and not only are the bites annoying but there are some serious side effects that could happen as well.

  1. Stay away from standing water, it's breeding ground for skeeters. If you must be near them for recreation/outdoors activities just be prepared.
  2. Wear light clothes. As in color, lighter clothes the better. I guess mosquitoes are more attracted to darker clothes.
  3. Avoid scented body sprays and perfumes. Lemon, eucalyptus are natural repellents but most other smell goods are not.
  4. They are out more at dawn and dusk, avoid those times if you can in areas where they are bad.
  5. Bring bug spray with you and reapply. This may not need to be said but it is one of the biggest helps.


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