Mmmmmm, food. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The three greatest pleasures in life are eating good food, having good sex, and going number 2. Sounds aggressive at first, but if you think about it I think you'll agree even if you don't admit it out loud. And an event catering to the first of these three pleasures is popping up in Boise next week.

Western Collective is teaming up with Vuture Food to bring you Plant Based Junk Food in Boise. Don't let terms like "plant based" and "vegan" deter you from indulging in what they are calling "some of the best comfort food around." As someone who used to all the way not be vegan, I totally understand feeling like junk food being vegan sounds like a trick. But as someone who's now been vegan for four years, I can assure you it's no trick. It's not like you're going to find grilled veggies at this foodie event.

Though the entire menu won't be posted until the morning of, Crispy Chik'n Sandwiches and Loaded Fries have been promised. And let's be real, fries are top tier in junk food land and they're inherently vegan. Does this look like bland rabbit food to you?

Mark your calendars for June 15th and follow here for updates on this free event. I will warn you, if you have a soy allergy then the patties won't work for you, but the fries may still be in play. They use vegetable oil for them and are also made with gluten free and nut free ingredients. Now excuse me while I salivate over more food pics.

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