After 25 years of lamenting the crookedness of my teeth, I finally started the process of straightening out these jagged chompers. I had never been to an orthodontist appointment until today, and it was such and pleasant and fascinating experience.

Clock Tower Orthodontics in Caldwell took great care of me from the moment I walked in. The front desk team was welcoming and swift in checking me in and getting me started. The assistant who took the photographs of my teeth was bright, friendly, and efficient.

Then I got to sit down with Amy, the treatment coordinator. It felt like I was talking to a good friend who happens to know a ton about braces and Invisalign. She detailed my options in an easy to understand conversational way that eased any nerves I was feeling.

The best part was finishing the consultation with Dr. Loren Short. It's obvious he knows his stuff and is extremely patient with any and all questions. His passion for his work is abundantly clear and I know I am in excellent hands moving forward.

I've decided to go the Invisalign route. But my next step is to have my wisdom teeth removed so they can get proper scans of my teeth to fit me for my first set of trays. I'm excited to keep you posted as this smile of mine makes progress. If you're looking into braces or Invisalign, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Short and his team. I already feel like family.



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