Since he won't be visiting malls, let's hope Santa Clause is equipped with reliable internet connection at the North Pole because he's going to be making a lot of Zoom calls to children all over the world this year due to the pandemic.

If you or someone you know thinks they can take on the role of becoming a Zoom Santa to spread some holiday cheer, the company, Live Calls with Santa out of Toronto is hiring! It's a "seasonal, work-from-home" position as Santa Clause. The job pays just under $20 an hour. Kids will tell Santa over a Zoom call, what'd they like to see under their tress just like they would do in the malls. Santas will also have elves on standby to provide tech support if needed.

The ad for the gig reads "You will be expected to embody Santa’s appearance, cheery persona, upbeat energy, and of course, the endearing ‘ho, ho, ho." The post also notes, “the accurate portrayal of Santa Claus will be instrumental in delivering live, personalized experiences through Zoom video conferencing.”

The Santas must also remain in character throughout the calls. They must be able to and ready to handle those sometimes “tricky questions” that kids love to ask in order to “provide an immersive experience.” It will also help to know about this year's hottest toy trends.

As for parents' concerns, national background checks will be conducted.

I feel like we all know a guy who looks like Santa! Have them send their resumes and a headshot to

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